The power to help you borrow on low-interest installment


Borrowing on low-interest installments is something every borrower desires. In this article, we will help you achieve this.

If you are still confused about the type of loan repayment, how to calculate the interest on the installment loan. Please read the previous posts. Today we are just learning how to get low-interest installments.

Find out how to calculate interest payments on installments here

Who is being borrowed with low interest installments?

With experience in banking and finance more than 10 years. We noticed that. Wealthy people and individuals often enjoy low interest rates. And when borrowing, the amount of money they borrow is also very large. Similarly, large businesses also have many opportunities to borrow or mobilize much cheaper capital. Small businesses often incur higher interest rates, with less loans.

wealthy people borrow on low-interest installment

Wealthy people.

Big customers often do business with big banks. And large banks often lend at low interest rates.

To do business with big banks. You must meet the conditions set by major banks. So what are those conditions? 

Depending on each bank, but generally only revolves around size (size of revenue, assets, capital, personnel, ...) and reputation.

Read up to here, did you see anything related to whether an ordinary individual can borrow low-interest installments? Or are you thinking that it is only for the big guys? Small businesses borrow higher interest rates, and individuals pay even higher interest rates.

Current reality is happening in this situation. Almost every individual borrower, borrowers just need to know they have borrowed money. High interest rates also, as long as you borrow money.

Few bank vip customers, the rich. They know the golden rule. To be able to borrow money with low interest rates of banks. Specifically, banks have to compete with each other to win VIP customers and good customers. By lowering lending rates to lure VIP customers into transactions.

Do you realize anything about these vip customers? What is the golden rule here?

Yes, that's right, they give themselves the right to choose a good bank to trade, where lower interest loans they trade. Allow yourself to choose such a lending partner. They have gone through a process of construction in terms of scale and prestige. 

Once reputable and brand. Well known to banks, they will have plenty of opportunities to borrow cheaply and entail other business opportunities.

If you are not growing, can you get a low interest loan?

The answer is yes. If you notice, we have mentioned two basic things in vip customers that is scale and prestige (can be understood as brand). It will complement each other.

When you have not grown in size. Please build credibility for yourself. If you want to borrow money with low interest rates, build credibility when borrowing. As the reputation level increases, so does the scale. So gradually you will grow stronger, borrow money with cheaper interest.

Where did I start building my reputation when borrowing?

Lending Bank

banks in Viet nam

If you have just taken out your loan for the first time, you have already been granted a loan. Then build credibility with that bank. Pay debt on time. Gradually the other bank will raise your loan limit. Lower interest rates for you.

When trading for a while, other banks will get to know you and entice you to deal with better deals. But note: Be wise and consider carefully before switching banks. Or you can work in parallel with many banks to have a way to compare the service, interest rates.

But in fact, very few banks once lend it, then lower the interest rate for you. Banks often have complex risk management policies that make it difficult to raise your limit. Unless you have additional collateral.


borrow on low-interest installment from lenders

for money Lenders

If you are not eligible for a bank loan. That someone has financial support, lend you money. Then build credibility with that person. Then slowly spread to the neighborhood, people working in the same sex ...

Many people often think, borrow money should not let others know. Because they will be afraid to borrow more and then not lend anymore. Or assess yourself poor need to borrow. 

If you are thinking like that then be careful. Because it is the act of those who specialize in deceiving others to make money. Or just borrow the capital without knowing whether you can afford it or not. By default, it is too late.

If you know business, do it well. A lot of people want to invest in you, want you to grow up to be more profitable, thereby dividing interest for them. Because people have a lot of money but sometimes they don't have time to work, or don't know what to do to get more money.


creditbird webapp

Both subjects to build the reputation above are very good. But it is a bit slow and limited depending on an individual or unit. For example, you borrow money at a bank, build credibility with that bank. Although you are good, you still have to be dependent on that bank's own policies. When transferring to a new bank, you have to start over. Very time consuming. is based on observations about the behavior of rich people and VIP customers of banks. Things that help vip customers of banks get low interest rates. Refine those things that apply to's model.

When you borrow money from reputable people on, you will also gain credibility. In addition, you will also be able to increase your loan limit after each repayment on time. This mechanism is called creditbird increase guarantee.

You absolutely have the option of accepting lower-rate lenders. You do not have to worry about black credit or fraud because creditbird has a system to alert and report fraud from the community.

Creditbird applies the principle that bank vip customers, the rich, can borrow money at low interest rates to lend to ordinary small and individuals. This helps you soon build your reputation (brand), thereby increasing in size. And the end result is soon becoming a vip customer of major banks. Influential people in a business community, financially.


The power to help you borrow on low-interest installment is scale and prestige. If you do not have large scale. Start by building credibility. It will gradually pull your scale up. If you find great content share it so that more people know.

That way you can easily build your reputation. If you feel disturbed, or the article is confusing. Please contact us immediately at the information below.

Need more information, support on the loan form, you contact the following information:
Address: 100/20 147 street, Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9, HCM City

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