About us


I am Tran Trong Tri, I am the founder of the loan connection application and  raising capital CreditBird. My co-founder is Tran Cong Vuong, a wonderful person. Details about us are as below:

Tran Trong Tri

Having 8 years of experience in banking and finance

Tran Cong Vuong

Having 10 years of experience in the field of programming, machine learning, Big Data

Our story

We worked together to create the CreditBird app, as well as this website, to handle the financial problems you often encounter. Through the content on moneynextdoor.com website, you will understand more about finance, money management, cash flow, how to raise capital, how to borrow installment effectively, how to increase credibility with the community through CreditBird application. In addition to CreditBird application, you can borrow money or mobilize capital easily from building your reputation to the community.

Above all and finally, what we do is to bring good values ​​to you, to help you become more reputable and prosperous.

Please contact us and start using CreditBird to join the wealthy and prestigious community.

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